Sep 21, 2020 Company news

UnivaHost Happy Anniversary!

Did you know Your Best Web Hosting Partner UnivaHost 3rd Anniversary today? Yes, it’s been 3 years since we started working together successfully. Time sure does fly! We hope your business will continue to flourish in the next year and…

Sep 10, 2020 Security

How to secure your WordPress Website without any plugins

WordPress is a World's most popular Content Management system ( CMS ). A website After complete setup, a very important part of setup your website security. Today I explain and give you some suggestions for protecting your WordPress blog or…

Aug 30, 2020 WordPress

How to Create a Free WordPress Blog Website in 10 minutes

If you want to create a Professional Blog Website WordPress is the best solution for your blog Website with ArticlePress Theme. WordPress is a World #1 best Content management system ( CMS ) also an excellent solution for a blog…

Aug 18, 2020 Domain Name

7 Ways to Get Your Side Project Off the Ground with the Ultimate .XYZ Website

We know that a website is key to sharing your project with a global audience, which is why this year’s XYZ Quarterly theme is Creating Your Ultimate .XYZ Website. To kick things off, this quarter we’ll be showing you how to turn your hobby, side hustle,…

Aug 18, 2020 Company news

We are glad to announce we are now .XYZ domain official partner.

We are glad to announce we are now .XYZ domain official partner. You can get domain .XYZ as low as $ 1.5 only from UnivaHost. .XYZ Domain More Details:

Aug 08, 2020 Marketing

How to earn money: How to start affiliate marketing and make money

Hey, are you dreaming about making money online and want to become a future millionaire then you are on the right guide. In this guide, I will tell you how to start affiliate marketing and make money online. So hold…