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How to Install PHP extensions and Change PHP Version from PHP selector

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The PHP Selector CloudLinux OS allows end-users to select the specific version of PHP they need, also you can install and uninstall PHP extensions it’s very important for a user. UnivaHost allows this option you can use the PHP selector option also you can install PHP extensions from PHP selector.

How to change PHP version from PHP selector

1. Login your cPanel and search Select PHP Version


2. Select the version of PHP According to your application/script


3. After select PHP version then you need to click Set as current


Our PHP select and install complete now you can install and run your project on your cPanel

How to install PHP extensions on cPanel

Login cPanel and go Select PHP Version option then click the extensions menu and select your Application or Website requirements PHP extensions

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This article we try to cover CloudLinux cPanel PHP selector all option if you have any questions just comment below. Thank you for reading this article.

Also, you can follow the video tutorial

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